GT Discs HEMLOCK – A-Plastic Hard


BaumWorks is GT Disc’s collection of discs to coexist with disc golf’s most notable barriers – the Baume (trees).  This collection of discs will help you with nature’s challenges, improving your game by allowing you to navigate the toughest shots.

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HEMLOCK is a stable fairway driver for improved control.  Great for narrow spaces, advanced players use HEMLOCK for precision amongst the trees and tunnel-type throws.  HEMLOCK is an awesome disc for starting players to better make straight throws.  With fantastic glide, HEMLOCK allows players to achieve similar distance characteristics of a long-distance discs but with much better accuracy!

HEMLOCK A-Plastic Hard is available in yellow color with brown lettering.

Flight Characteristics:

Speed 8

Glide 5

Turn 0

Fade 1

HEMLOCK has a stable flight path

(Stable will stay true to its thrown flight path)

Hemlock is made with premium A-Plastic Hard using rigid materials for optimum aerodynamic flight in open spaces.


Diameter 21.3 cm

Weight: 175-177g

Stork is manufactured by Disctroyer in Estonia.   HEMLOCK is GT Discs’ version of Stork.

Additional information

Weight 177 g

A-Plastic Hard, A-Plastic Medium