GT Discs EVERGREEN – A-Plastic Medium


BaumWorks is GT Disc’s collection of discs to coexist with disc golf’s most notable barriers – the Baume (trees).  This collection of discs will help you with nature’s challenges, improving your game by allowing you to navigate the toughest shots.

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EVERGREEN is an excellent high-speed disc with which you can add distance to your throws. A great disc for beginner players and fantastic for advanced players wanting the perfect shot.  Designed to be lightweight, this thin disc brings accuracy to your game.  EVERGREEN is an awesome disc for those challenging shots around barriers encountered during every round.

EVERGREEN is available in white color

Flight Characteristics:

Speed 10

Glide 5

Turn -0.5

Fade 2.5

EVERGREEN has an overstable flight path

(Over-stable will tend to curve left at the end of its thrown flight path – for righthand-backhand throwers)

Because of EVERGREEN’s overstable flight path, mid-level players use EVERGREEN for those sharp bending fairways and let the disc’s flight path do the work getting around those tough barriers.  Experts use the overstable flight path similarly at longer distances and create better opportunities for birdies, eagles, and aces.

EVERGREEN is made with premium A-Plastic.


Diameter: 21 cm

Weight : 173 – 174 g

Nightjar is manufactured by Disctroyer in Estonia.  EVERGREEN is GT Discs’ version of Nightjar.

Additional information

Weight 174 g

A-Plastic Hard, A-Plastic Medium, A-Plastic Soft