GT Discs BLUE MOON – A-Plastic Medium


BaumWorks is GT Disc’s collection of discs to coexist with disc golf’s most notable barriers – the Baume (trees).  This collection of discs will help you with nature’s challenges, improving your game by allowing you to navigate the toughest shots.

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BLUE MOON is an over-stable short-range disc.  Designed for both putting and approach shots, BLUE MOON provides versatility to your game.  For putting, BLUE MOON brings confidence even in the toughest weather conditions.  As an approach disc, BLUE MOON’s reliability allows players to make the shots they need to better their scores.

BLUE MOON A-Plastic Medium is available in blue color with gold lettering.

PDGA Approved 8/8/2022.

Flight Characteristics:

Speed 3

Glide 3

Turn 0

Fade 2

BLUE MOON has a slight overstable flight path

(Overstable will fade left at the end of its flight path for right-handed throwers) – BLUE MOON will gently fade.

  • Molded using premium A-Plastic providing you with the highest quality materials.
  • Available in both A-Medium and A-Soft hardness
    • BLUE MOON stocked with A-Soft
    • BLUE MOON stocked with A-Medium


Diameter: 21.3 cm

Weight: 175-177 g

Whether you are laying-up or going for that ACE!  BLUE MOON is the perfect disc for reliable approach shots.    *Disctroyer’s Sparrow print is shown in the video*

Enhance your putt shots with BLUE MOON!  *Disctroyer’s Sparrow print is shown in the video*

Sparrow is a product of Disctroyer and manufactured in Estonia.   BLUE MOON is GT Discs’ version of Sparrow.

Additional information

Weight 177 g
Dimensions 21.3 × 21.3 cm

A-Plastic Hard, A-Plastic Medium, A-Plastic Soft