Disctroyer MR-5 SKYLARK


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The SKYLARK is an overstable Mid-Range disc for safe throws with a slight fade at the end of its flight.  Rain or sunshine, whether in headwinds or calm, the SKYLARK disc holds its throw line very well.  There is a throw for SKYLARK users at all levels, from beginners looking for straight throws to experienced disc golfers needing just the right shot.

Flight Characteristics:

Speed 5

Glide 4

Turn 0

Fade 2

SKYLARK has an overstable flight path

(Overstable will fade left at the end of its flight path for right-handed throwers)


DISCTROYER’s color and marking system:

RED disc is for Midrange

STAR in the center represents Overstable



Diameter: 21.8 cm

Weight: 178-180 g

PDGA APPROVAL DATE:  August 1, 2019

MR-5 SKYLARK is a great midrange-approach disc.

Additional information

Weight 180 g

A-Plastic Hard, A-Plastic Medium, A-Plastic Soft