Disctroyer P&A-3 SPARROW


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SPARROW is an overstable short-range disc.  Designed for both putting and approach shots, SPARROW provides versatility to your game.  For putting, SPARROW brings confidence even in the toughest weather conditions.  As an approach disc, SPARROW’s reliability allows players to make the shots they need to better their scores.

Flight Characteristics:

Speed 3

Glide 3

Turn 0

Fade 2

SPARROW has an overstable flight path

(Overstable will fade left at the end of its flight path for right-handed throwers)


DISCTROYER’s color and marking system:

BLUE disc is for Putt and Approach

STAR in the center represents Overstable



Diameter: 21.3 cm

Weight: 175-177 g

PDGA APPROVAL DATE:  November 21, 2019

Additional information

Weight 177 g
Dimensions 21.3 × 21.3 cm

A-Plastic Hard, A-Plastic Medium, A-Plastic Soft