Welcome to our story! 

GT Discs has been in business since 2019.  We are a family-owned company based in Minnesota, with 25-plus years of experience within business.  Our legal company name is Gartner Tech LLC, and we’ve converted that to GT Discs.  

Our core value at GT Discs is to enjoy life.  It’s how we operate our business, making sure employees enjoy their work, and go home with a smile.  It provides high quality results.  That is the same type of goal we strive for with our customers – by supplying high quality and reliable disc golf products for all levels, we can help create smiles during your disc golf journey.  We enjoy supplying disc golf products, and we hope to bring a taste of that enjoyment to you, to your friends, and to your family.  

The products we supply are value-added sporting goods catering to disc golf enthusiasts.  From championship players to purchasing your first disc, GT Discs has something for you.  Our approach is to offer premium products using the best plastics ensuring the highest quality.  

We strive to provide confidence and excitement as you contemplate your next shot.  Assurance that the success in front of you is just a simple throw of a GT Disc – and to experience your greatness.  

We look forward to doing business with you, and we’ll see you in the next fairway!


Connecting Disc Technology To You!